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Petition: Fund early earthquake detection

One thing we know here in California: Earthquakes are serious business.

Our friends and neighbors in Napa Valley got hit hard this year with a 6.0 that destroyed homes and businesses across the region. The damage was tremendous, and as I met with residents and toured the area following the earthquake there was one glaring issue on my mind: Early detection.

We’ve known this for some time. I was here when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit. It was absolutely devastating, and even 25 years later it remains an event that shapes the way I look at this issue. The stakes are high, and that’s why it’s time for California to put an early detection system in place that gives residents and first responders fair warning in advance of an earthquake.

We have the technology, so let’s show leaders that the public will is there to get it done. If you agree, then sign your name and join our petition to the U.S. Congress.

This is how we give residents a chance to seek cover, and give first responders a heads up that they need to get ready. It could save homes, save businesses, and potentially save lives. Bottom line: It’s the smart, forward thinking approach California deserves.

So join us: Add your name and tell Congress that we’re standing together on this.

Thank you for adding your voice. Let’s go!


Posted on October 22, 2014.

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