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Here's a rundown on Tuesday night


Our race was far from the only event that happened on Tuesday, and in case you missed it I wanted to fill you in on some of what went down.

First, Prop 1 passed overwhelmingly, allowing a $7.6 billion bond measure to move forward for California water infrastructure. In our state, water is a big deal. We’ve been dealt one dry year after another, and it’s time for serious action so we’re better prepared for future droughts. A lot is riding on this, and I’m pleased to see we’re doing something about it.

Prop 2 also passed with strong support, clearing the path for a “rainy-day” fund and requiring the state to set aside a pool of money every year for future, unforeseen needs. It’s smart and forward-thinking, and I was pleased to see it succeed.

I also want to take a minute to celebrate the passage of Prop 47, a measure that changes the way we prosecute non-violent, low-level crimes like drug possession and petty theft. The best part? Savings from this initiative will go to important efforts like mental health and anti-truancy programs to help reduce future crimes.

On this one, we really made ourselves heard. We said it’s time to get serious about truly violent and dangerous criminals. We said it’s time to stop warehousing the mentally ill in prison. And we said it’s time to change a criminal justice system that destroys futures and disrupts families over minor drug possession.

Together, we did it. We’re strengthening California, one day at a time, and I’m proud of all we’ve accomplished. On to what’s next!


Posted on November 7, 2014.

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