Help Turn California Blue in 2018!
Four things you can do right now to help Democrats win across California on November 6th.

Californians have the chance to chart the course for the country in this election. We're working with Democrats across the state to reach every voter, turn out every vote, and win every race in November. Here's how you can help:

  1. Confirm you're registered to vote—and tell your friends to do the same.

    Head here to double check that you're ready to vote in this election. Then, tell five friends to confirm they're registered, too.
  2. Join Team Blue California.

    We're going to be talking to voters in key districts across California to get the word out about the election, the stakes, and the great Democrats running to help win the House and crucial state legislative seats. You can volunteer from anywhere, it's easy and fun, and it makes a huge difference in races where every single vote counts. Sign up here to join the team!

  3. Make a joint donation to support Gavin and Democratic candidates in the most flippable House races.

    The road to taking back the House runs through California. We can't win the House unless we flip 23 critical seats, and up to half of those crucial, flippable races are right here in CA. Give once, and your donation will automatically be split between Gavin and 10 high-priority U.S. House candidates. Your support will maximize our ability to help Democrats win up and down the ballot in California.

  4. Support Democrats in crucial state legislative races in CA.

    If elected, Gavin will need courageous Democratic leaders in the CA state legislature to ensure we can enact the vision we're fighting for. And if we win ONE more state senate seat, we'll take back our supermajority and be able to pass bigger, bolder policies to make Californians' lives better. Make a joint donation to support all of the state legislative candidates endorsed by Gavin who will keep California blue.
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