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Five ways you can help shape California’s future.

California is a place of unparalleled opportunity. There’s no problem in California that isn’t somehow, somewhere being solved, disrupted, or reverse-engineered by a Californian. We are also the most diverse state in America.

That’s exactly why Governor-elect Newsom believes we must throw open the doors of government to more of California’s perspectives and talents - from communities all across this state - starting with an "All in California" gubernatorial transition that is both inclusive and people-powered.

Governor-elect Newsom and his team are already at work building out the plans that will keep California moving forward and expanding opportunity for every Californian. But they cannot do it alone.

Here’s how you can help shape California’s future:

  1. Tell us your priorities.

    Take a look at some of Governor-elect Newsom’s policy priorities and let us know what matters most to you.
  2. Write to us.

    Write in and let us know what issues or ideas you’d most like to see Governor-elect Newsom take on.

  3. Sign up for updates from our team.

    Now is when the real work begins. Sign up to get updates from Governor-elect Newsom’s teams about plans, events, ways to get involved in the new administration, and more.

  4. Apply to join the team.

    Interested in working in Governor-elect Newsom’s administration? Apply here.
  5. Get involved in your community.

    Civic engagement doesn’t stop on Election Day — and we can all play a part in making California a stronger and more inclusive place. Find a cause you care about in your community and get involved!
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